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Thursday Night Raid

Ron0057, May 4, 12 7:44 AM.

Now that we have more level 50's  in our guild who are ready to run in our Thursday night Raid of Eternity Vault, I feel I should explain how we will be conducting the raid roster at this time.

As of this posting we have more than eight players to fill the group but less than 16 to form a larger group for the event.  This is a goal I hope we will achieve soon.  Untill then we will be rotating players weekly to give everyone a fair shot at running in the raid.

As a level 50 who would like to run on Thursday it will be up to you to sign up on the events calendar every Thursday regardless of if you ran the week before in the raid.  I need to have this for tracking how many people are interested in raiding and to track how close we are to forming a 16 man group.
By signing up every Thursday it puts you in the raid or on the bench as a substitute should someone have to leave during the event.

You will receive a invite to the raid 15 minutes prior to raid start time.  If you do not get a invite you will be on the bench that night.  I hope this helps to explain how raid night will work for the time being.

Good hunting,

To all lvl 50's (Old and New)

senthysis, Apr 26, 12 5:57 PM.

First of all, thanks to all for the welcome I received upon returning to The Old Republic after spending 2 1/2 months on the road with work and a big CONGRATULATIONS from me to all those who reached level 50 while I was away.

For all who reached lvl 50 and wondering what to do next, there is one word for you: <monster truck announcer voice> dailes, Dailies, DAILIES!!!  *ahem*

Honestly put, you've reached the point where your character's story line is on hold and the grind begins.  It may sound boring to do the same quests over and over again, but it is not without reward.  Talk to the 'vets' that have been around for a while or, better yet, party with them to see how that hard work pays off.  With the recent expansion, You can accumulate up to 31 to almost 50 (only if it's your first time through) daily commendations PER DAY to get you prepared for the Hard Mode (HM) Flashpoints where you get the really cool gear.

Here's a quick FAQ regarding dailies:

Where can I do the daily missions?
There are now 3 planets that offer daily quests: Belsavis, Corellia, and Ilum.

WHY should I get the daily commendations?
To start, you SHOULD get the mods to enhance your current orange gear and weapons.  The cost generally sits between 4-8 daily commendations each.  Please note that the armoring and enhancement mods, as rewards for certain Heroic difficulty missions so focus on the modifications first.  Over the course of 5 days, all of your major parts should be outfitted and ready for Black Talon HM.

So I got the mods, what do I do with daily commendations now?
By now, I'm pretty sure you've browsed the shop and saw they had the ear pieces and implants for sale.  Save your commendations and get the ones that fit your role the best.  Those should take no more than 4 days (at the cost of 120) a piece, then go for those relics (cost 200) that take about 7 -8 (counting leftovers) a piece.  After ALL that, they have some sweet looking mounts for sale if you're a collector.

Thanks for reading. See you in-game,


Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Ron0057, Apr 24, 12 6:41 AM.
Welcome to the new guild web site!  Please take the time to register with us so we can start to move forward with what we want to accomplish with our guild members.
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